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3 in 1 Candles

With the holidays just around the corner, its time to Spice things up!! *Earthly Body Smashing Pumpkin 3 in 1 Candle is the perfect bedroom accessory, not only is it a candle, but a relaxing massage oil and moisturizer as well. Let the warm and comforting smell of pumpkin fill the air of your home […]

♥ Honey Lube ♥

Water~Based * Clinically Recommended * All Natural Our clinically demonstrated lubricant utilizes medical grade ingredients to help diminish the discomfort of vaginal dryness as well as easing the insertion of rectal ther mometers, enemas and tampons. The all natural honey enriched formulation is silky and enhances intimacy by mimicking the body’s natural fluids. The finest […]

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