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New spring styles at Naughty But Nice by Oh La La Cheri!


Simply peel back the foil package, place the strip on your tongue prior to going down on your man, and get ready to experience up to fifteen minutes of mind-blowing, confidence-boosting pleasure.


FUN FACTORY YOOO: The innovative form of the three balls entices users to experiment. This unassuming toy can be used in any way your body can imagine: Insert it, lay it, stroke it, spin it, rub it, or twist it! It applies a brilliant formula – three balls and 2 motors – for countless vibrations […]

Love is Art – Shades of Grey Edition

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the newly-weds in your life? If so we have you covered with the LOVE IS ART KIT – SHADES OF GREY edition. Includes all of the materials you need to safely create a abstract painting while be intimate with the one you love. This special edition comes […]

New from Dreamgirls

Fully boned jacquard corset with halter ties and brocade trim neckline. Removable garter straps and matching thong included. By Dreamgirls ♥ Available Sizes 34-44

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