Whip it, whip it good!

A gorgeous bdsm geared lovers tool from the stand-out Fashionistas collection, the Black Glass Whip is a unique flogger with each end serving an opposite, but equally pleasurable purpose. First off, a supple fall of slender leatherette strands graces the top side, it’s as perfect for forging teasing trails along your playmates body as for flicking assertively, leaving a tingly, exciting sting behind- the trick is all in in how you wield it! As for the opposite end, it’s slick, smooth, weighty and firm for the most perfect control and maneuvering, but also forms a straight, round-tipped glass dildo for penetration of all kinds. Surprise your submissive lover with the firm, slick deliciously precise feel of the Black Glass after getting them all riled up with the Whip, they’ll adore the silky smooth feel of the solid, lightly etched glass that warms naturally to body temperature and makes excellent use of (your choice of) lubrication. Clean up is a breeze, simply wipe with a good toy cleaner the leatherette whip portion should be spot cleaned, if needed.



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